Δυστυχώς έχουμε άσχημα νέα από την Σερβία καθώς επιχειρείται κλείσιμο του μοναδικού και ιστορικού squash club της πόλης του Βελιγραδίου που βρίσκεται στον 11ο χρόνο του και στο οποίο έχουν αγωνιστεί πολλοί Έλληνες παίκτης ενώ ήταν και ο τόπος όπου οι Εθνικές μας ομάδες ανδρών και γυναικών στέφθηκαν Βαλκανιονίκες το 2010. Οι ιδιοκτήτες και φίλοι Ivan Djorjevic και Cedomir Vitorovic μας έστειλαν το παρακάτω μήνυμα ζητώντας την υποστήριξη σας και ελπίζουμε η απαράδεκτη αυτή απόφαση να ανακληθεί με την βοήθεια όλων μας.

Since few months there is new management in the park where our club is based. The new management somehow see us as a problem, because they have their own interest and they do not really care about squash.
They’ve decided to close our club and they are trying everything possible to reach their goal. We have legal contract and we are paying all our bills since 11 years, so from our point of view we should at least talk about it.
In last few weeks they have told us that our contract is not valid for them, than they have increase our electricity bill 70%, …
Since few days they’ve started to switch our electricity of, so they are doing all possible things to make us leave the park and close the club.
The park management don’t really care about our junior, about our national team, not about squash sport at all, personal interest of some politicians is the only thing which is important for them.
BUT, we are not going to give up!!! We will fight and do all possible things to stay and work for our sport.
In the next few days we will start many different activities to inform people in Belgrade what is going on in this park, with our club and with other clubs
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